The Senior Patrol Leader, one of the older, more experienced boys and the other leadership plan the detailed activities of the troop under the guidance of the adult leaders. The boys actually organize and run the meetings, campouts and other events.


The adults in our Troop are volunteers who spend many hours to make our Troop oneof the most successful in Arizona. Some of them have no boys in

the troop, and a few are former Scouts .in this Troop, but most of them have formal Scout Leader training combined with years of service. All of them enjoy the Scouting experience as they guide and participate with the boys on activities and work with them on advancement through the Scouting Ranks.

Several Assistant Scoutmasters and adult leaders have five or more years with the Troop, so we have stability of leadership. Most of the adults have been through basic adult training, and ten have completed Wood Badge, the most advanced adult training. Thus, our adults are wise to the principles and ideals of Scouting and thoroughly aware how to assist the boys in running the Troop. These people allow the boys to run the Troop, but they know when to step in, and more importantly, when not to step in. The continuity and depth of adult leadership is one of the strengths of Troop 451. Adult leader are require to pay yearly registration fees for BSA, and certify at a miniumum in Youth Protection Training through BSA.  Yearly registration "recharter" fees ($26.50) can be paid below via secure PayPal.

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Troop 451 is also successful because many parents, in addition to those with formal positions, also give their time and efforts to help in our program. Assistant Scoutmaster positions are available for those who wish to work directly with the boys on a regular basis. Merit badge counselors are needed to help boys develop skills in any of 120 different subjects of special interest. Your are welcome to join our Troop Committee, to help support Advancement Boards of Review, Treasurer and Fund Raising, Vehicle Maintenance, or overall planning. The Committee is open to any parents who wish to assist the Troop in some fashion. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Church. Parents are also welcome on scheduled campouts. Please add to our tremendous resources in a capacity that interests you.

Our Parents Club provides invaluable support for our special banquets, Courts ofHonor, Rummage Sales, Clothes Closet (for loan of uniforms and equipment), Fund Raising and sewing of our own design. Each mother automatically belongs to the Mother's Club when the boy joins. Meetings are held when necessary, usually during the weekly scout meetings. No dues are required!

We ask and require that each family donate a minimum of 16 hours each year to help the Troop in one capacity or another. With a Troop our size, this is not much to assure that our program of events funds smoothly with adequate support.

There are three important benefits to your involvement: First. sharing an activity always helps a relationship between parents and boys; Second, to know all available resources allows the Troop Committee, Scoutmasters, and boys much greater flexibility and variety in planning activities; Third. and probably most important, we -adults and boys alike –have a lot of fun!

It is also a Troop 451 requirement that (at least) one parent attend Court of Honor Ceremonies, which periodically celebrate each boy's achievements and advancement within the Troop. We also hold an individual Court of Honor for each boy who earns the Eagle Rank, the highest level. Your attendance is one way to demonstrate your support for your son and the other boys in the Troop. Their hard work deserves recognition!!