Financial Info

Monthly dues are $18 per month and collected at the beginning of every month.  They boys are encouraged to earn their own money to pay these dues. If a monthly payment option is desired they can be paid via PayPal below.

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Campout fees are generally $20 per outing.  Some activities incur extra costs such as Snow Weekend, Water Weekend, Camp Geronimo, and High Adventure trips.  These fees are generally collected two weeks ahead of regular trips, and up to six months ahead of larger trips.

Annual registration fees are $16.20 per boy and a subscription to Boys Life is $12 per year.  These costs are covered by the Troop as long as our fundraising activities are successful enough to maintain this tradition.

Annual registration fees for adult leaders are $26.50 per year and are the responsibility of each adult leader and can be paid here:

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Camperships are available upon request for families that may have financial difficulties in covering the costs of dues or campouts.  Contact the Troop’s Committee Chairman for more details.  All financial discussions are strictly confidential. Please feel free to donate to the campership fund or sponsor a specific scout.

Custom Payments and Donations are accepted to make lump sum payments or just donations. Please use the extra fields to identify your scout and/or family before making the payment or donation. Look for this area that says "Add a note" before submitting the payment.