At Maveric camporee, our troop competes against other troops in an annual themed competitions measuring skills of team work, survival, and leadership.

these range from 2016's zombie apocalypse, to 2017's natural disasters. the games, of course, revolve around the theme, and are created for scouts, by scouts. in fact, each troops is given a chance to create a game, ours this last year, was a game to save a fellow scout in 'rushing water' from a flood using various tools given, such as a rope, a stick, etc. while games are diverse, theres are always consistencies, including some sort of obstacle course, a game involving 'bad touch' rules (not allowed to touch obstacles like suspended rope) and something involving first aid. all of which we practice at our meetings in the weeks prior.

Maveric takes place every year on a later September weekend at camp Geronimo! unfortunately, during the camp out, we cannot use the pool, bunks, or cafeteria like we do in the summer trip.

along with the main events,